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Welcome to La Crèche Early Childhood Centers, Inc.

Welcome to La Crèche Early Childhood Centers, Inc.

La Crèche is a French word meaning, “day nursery.” Scientists use this word to describe a group of penguin chicks that gather while their parents are “at work” hunting for food. We chose La Crèche for our name because our philosophy for working with children is much the same as the work of the penguins. We nurture, protect, and care for the young while their parent/guardian(s) are away.

La Crèche has cared for children and families continuously for more than 50 years, as a non-profit corporation (1969). The nurturing environment of La Crèche sites continues to grow and has become more comprehensive. We are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) with two (2) early care and education sites, who have a four-star Parent Aware rating and are designated Hennepin county strong beginnings programs. We strive to ensure each child’s school readiness through our daily developmental programming and support services which include support for our facilities, families and our children. Our facilities are clean, bright, safe, cheerful and fully equipped to stimulate each child’s creativity. We encourage our children and support them to be themselves, ask questions, and give them the freedom to learn and grow. We also partner with our parents to raise healthy, happy children.

Our mission is to give young children the social, emotional, developmental, intellectual skills they need to succeed in life; and to give parents the tools to help support and guide their children.

Facilities & Support for Children

Facilities & Support  for Children

Phyllis J. Sloan, is the Executive Director of La Crèche Early Childhood Centers, Inc. La Crèche is a private non-profit early care and education agency that has served low-income families of color for over 50 years. Phyllis joined La Crèche as its Executive Director in 1997, fourteen months after the sudden death of its founder, Ruby L. Hughes. Currently, La Crèche operates two (2) early care and education centers, serving 114 children, ages 6 weeks – 12 years.

Phyllis graduated from North Park University. She has a degree in English Literature and Elementary Education with an Early Childhood Sequence. Early Childhood Education, with a special emphasis in the area of Special Needs Childcare. Phyllis currently has over thirty years of early childhood education experience. She is a advocate for children and the importance of Early Care Education.

Phyllis is involved in numerous community and state organizations. Board leadership and participation is only a small part of Phyllis’ nurturing and instructive nature. She is actively visible and continues to be involved with her staff, childcare children and program families at the three early care and education centers La Crèche operates. Even as the early care and education challenges throughout our state continue to grow, Phyllis continues to look for innovative ways and resources to meet the needs of all young developing children and their families.


We clean and sanitize our centers each day with safe, non-toxic cleaning supplies that are locked safely and stored out of reach of children


Protection and preparedness.  Both of our facilities have a secured access entry because nothing matters more than the safety, security, and health of your child


We adjust relationships with each child to meet their unique temperament type and individual needs


Over 50 years of providing high quality child care to our community, with two convenient locations


- Our programs are designated Hennepin County Strong Beginnings sites.

- We offer Semi-Annual developmental vision and hearing screenings.

- We are a Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) early childhood partner.

- Our Centers are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

- We are Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

- We have a 4-star rating through Parent Aware MN Quality Childcare Rating System. 


It is our passion to provide an early education that nurtures a lasting sense of discovery, joy, and wonder in every child